Sherry Cask Whisky (Batch 3)

Expression No. 1 | Element Series

A smooth, aromatic and full-bodied Australian Single Malt Whisky, matured in ex-Australian Sherry/Apera casks filled in our first year of distilling. 

*Option to add the Whisky Collector’s Gift Box with leather fastening straps and engraved coasters. 



46% alc/vol

Batch 3 - Available now.

500ml Bottle Size. 46% Alc/Vol

Product of Sydney, Australia.

Available for pre-order, dispatched after 1st October.

Includes; Gift box with leather fastening straps, enviro bamboo wood base and two quality wooden coasters.

Single malt whisky is a type of whisky that has been produced solely in one distillery, using only barley. This differs from most commercially produced whisky, which typically uses blends from various distilleries — and sometimes utilises different grains — to maintain a consistent flavour on a year-to-year basis. By contrast, single malts are often highly sought after for the unique flavours that emerge from different years of production. 

Here at Manly Spirits, we will periodically release a single malt whisky to the public. You can find our range today right here in our online store.

Tasting notes for single malt whisky are very similar in purpose to tasting notes for any other alcoholic beverage associated with subtle flavours — wine, gin or beer, for example. It’s a selection of underlying flavours within the whisky that emerge both on the nose and on the palate. These flavours are imbued into the whisky via the new make spirit and choice of barrels, helping lend a variety of nuances to the overall flavour. Having tasting notes handy can also be useful for referencing a whisky you enjoyed compared to another that tickled your palate. 

These flavours are not always immediately apparent to new drinkers. However, with practice, patience — and sometimes a drop of water added to your dram — the flavours within will gradually reveal themselves. 

Single malt whisky is highly prized in Australia and around the world due to the comparative difficulty and additional work involved in its creation. The nature of their production means that single malts are much rarer. As it’s all produced in the same distillery — as opposed to blended varieties which utilise whisky from multiple distilleries — it lends a certain prestige to the drink. It also means that the flavour is truly unique to the distillery itself. 

Aficionados differ on which type of whisky is the “best”, and it’s fair to say that individual preferences play a substantial role. But there’s no question that single malts are highly sought after around the world, often attracting considerable attention from collectors.

Tasting Notes


Bold, sweet and aromatic. Cherry and raisin, leading to subtle spice.


Smooth and full-bodied with a silky viscosity. Rich dark fruits and honeyed plum, followed by delicate sweet cherry.


Dark fruits fade mellowing into sweet toffee spice and Christmas cake.


The inaugural Coastal Stone Single Malt Whisky first release is from our first 8 barrels of ex Australian Sherry/Apera casks that were filled in our first year of distilling. The casks were sourced from coopers in Tasmania and South Australia where they were shaved and re-charred into 100L and 225L formats.

The casks were all "first fill" having never has whisky in them before, providing an amazing richness in flavour.

The combination of these 2 cask sizes has enabled us to produce a lovely balance of oak, sherry and Manly Spirits Distillery's clean new make spirit.

It has resulted in a robust flavoured and complex whisky which speaks to its Australian heritage and gives a hint of whats to come in the future as expression of Manly Spirits Coastal Stone whisky.

Whisky Collector's Gift Box


Gifting Coastal Stone to someone special? Designed to keep your Coastal Stone Whisky safe for years to come, our special edition gift boxes add the perfect touch.  With leather fastening straps, enviro bamboo wood base and two quality wooden coasters. 

The Element Series


NO. 1

Sherry Cask

Release date: October 2021

NO. 2

Bourbon Cask

Release date: Jan 2022

NO. 3

Pinot Cask

Release date: April 2022

NO. 4

Shiraz Cask

Release date: April 2022

NO. 5

Port Cask

Release date: April 2022

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Order the complete ‘Element Series’ set.  Secure all 5 expressions of the first batches of; Sherry cask, Pinot cask, Bourbon cask, Shiraz cask & Port cask. 
PLUS receive an extra 500ml tasting bottle of Bourbon cask whisky, and a Whisky Collector’s Gift Box. 

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