Coastal Stone Whisky - Nor'easter 200ml

Signature Australian Single Malt Whisky

A smooth & aromatic Australian single malt whisky with maritime influences from the Sydney coast. An exceptional whisky full of rich dark fruits and five spice, with a long elegant finish.


Tasting Notes


Notes of stone fruits (white peach, apricot, nectarine), golden apple Asian pears, floral (spring flowers), rich chocolate, a mild hint of vanilla & honey.


Creamy texture almost custard apple or strudel, panna cotta roundness, pear notes, chocolate, and 5 spice present on the back palate.


Light/medium bodied up front, nutty/chocolate, opens up in the mid to dried stone fruits, fine subtle tannins from French and American oak, preceding a long, rich, smooth, clean finish.

Inspired by the prevailing summer breeze along the coast of Sydney, creating a temperate climate for optimal maturation of our Coastal Stone whisky casks.

Distilled on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, expertly crafted with a balance of tradition and innovation. A refined approachable whisky, rich in complex flavours that respect our Sydney climate. Created from grain to glass with no shortcuts, no strict timelines, just premium ingredients with true artisan skill.
Nor'easter fuses the worlds of wine and spirits, as we've matured our new make spirit in both Australian ex-wine and classic American/French oak barrels.

Ex-wine barrels from Barossa hero our Nor’easter whisky, celebrating what Australia has done well for many years in winemaking to create a single malt whisky that builds the definition of Australian-made whisky.
The art of creating a balanced and complex whisky is achieved by marrying both different barrel types and full-size format casks, ranging from 225-500L along with different maturation ages.

Like a well-conducted symphony orchestra, each component plays an integral part in the art of whisky making and the final delicious liquid.

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Our Whisky Process

Learn more about how we make our Australian Single Malt Whisky in our Northern Beaches distillery.