Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur

Manly Spirits Cold Brew Coffee liqueur is a sassy bitter-sweet complex character with an exquisite smooth dark side to be devoured. Using sustainably and responsibly sourced beans, distilled native botanicals, sea minerals infused into our smooth wheat vodka this coffee liqueur is for all those who respect coffee!



25% alc/vol


Colour: Dark Chocolate
Aroma:  Rich and captivating scents of fresh ground coffee, malty caramel and dark chocolate
Palate: Impresses with smoothed bitterness due to the addition of distilled sea minerals and hints of spice shining through from the cinnamon myrtle native botanical
Finish:  Creamy in texture with a penetrating, sweet mocha burst that coats every crevice of the mouth. Finishes pleasantly bitter-sweet with hints of spice before sweeter flavours of creme caramel and iced coffee round off the experience with good persistence. Undeniably seductive.

Cinnamon Myrtle, Distilled Sea Water
Roast: Medium Dark Arabica.

700ml Bottle Size. 25% Alc/Vol
Product of Sydney, Australia
Ships in 2–5 business days.

Yes. As our coffee liqueur is made using real coffee beans, there is a small amount of caffeine in each serve. However, it’s fairly minuscule and shouldn’t keep you up too late at night! 

Our distinctive style of coffee liqueur is made by infusing a smooth blend of coffee beans, natural botanicals (including distilled seawater and wattleseed) into wheat-based vodka. This is then blended with simple syrup to reduce the alcohol content to a suitable liqueur strength. It creates a smooth, rich coffee flavour, with notes of caramel and the saltiness of the sea minerals, which enhances these flavours. It’s delicious! 

Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur is probably best known today for being served as part of an espresso martini. However, it’s a highly versatile liqueur and can be enjoyed in a number of different ways; neat, with a splash of milk, or perhaps as part of a White Russian. Additionally, it can also be used to enhance a steaming mug of coffee or perhaps serve as a splash across some post-dinner ice cream or tiramisu. 

Yes! One of the many great things about coffee liqueur is that it’s a great drink for those with special dietary requirements. It doesn’t use any animal products, so it’s vegetarian and vegan-friendly. And even though it’s made using vodka — a grain-based spirit — the distillation process removes the gluten.

So add a delicious liqueur flavour to your liquor cabinet today. You can shop for our Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur online — and make sure that you check our complete range of liqueurs at the same time. You’re sure to find something to suit your taste buds, no matter your dietary needs. 


'Dark and dangerously delicious.'

Undeniably seductive, our Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur has been award a Platinum medal at the SIP Awards, USA. 

Platinum – SIP Awards, USA 2019

Gold – San Francisco World Spirits Awards 2020

Silver – Australian Distilled Spirits Awards 2019

the inspiration

Inspired by early morning surfs off the ‘Bower break’ where you can just be at one with marine nature finishing with an adrenalin hit from a good short black espresso to start the perfect day. A collaboration between two northern beaches locals, Manly Spirits Co. & Seven Miles Coffee Roasters – passionate about coffee, spirits, native botanicals and what can be crafted with them.

The custom blend for Manly Spirits was developed to enhance caramel, chocolate and brown sugar notes. With origins hailing from far flung regions, including Brazil, Indonesia and India, the blend was optimised to balance these flavours in the cup. The roast and extraction process were further refined to achieve the best balance for use in our coffee liqueur.

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Botanicals & ROAST

Distilled with native Australian botanicals

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