Xplore Peach Punch

How to Make a Whisky Peach Punch Using Xplore Whisky?

The Xplore Whisky Peach Punch is a delightful and refreshing concoction that brings together the sophisticated flavors of Coastal Stone: Xplore whisky with the sweetness of peach and the zesty notes of lemon. Crafted to be both a crowd-pleaser and a testament to the versatility of whisky in cocktails, this punch is perfect for gatherings and warm-weather sipping.


  • 60 ml Coastal Stone: Xplore Whisky
  • 30 ml Ice Tea Cordial
  • 15 ml Sugar Syrup
  • 20 ml Lemon Juice
  • 30 ml Peach Tea

Garnish: Peach Wedge & Mint Sprig


1.Blend All Ingredients Together:
To begin crafting this delightful punch, simply add all of the listed ingredients into a blender. The Coastal Stone: Xplore Whisky serves as the star of the show, infusing the drink with its distinct coastal stone character and whisky notes.

2.Blend Until Smooth:
Secure the blender lid and blend all the ingredients together until they are thoroughly combined and smooth. This will create a harmonious fusion of flavours, where the whisky's robustness blends seamlessly with the sweetness of the peach and tea.

3.Prepare for Serving:
Have your punch glasses or tumblers at the ready. These can be chosen based on personal preference, but traditionally, a punch glass or tumbler works well for serving this kind of beverage.

4.Garnish with Style:
To elevate the presentation and add a burst of freshness, garnish each glass with a peach wedge and a sprig of mint. The peach wedge adds a visual element and a touch of fruity aroma, while the mint sprig lends a refreshing herbal note.

5.Serve and Enjoy:
Your Xplore Whisky Peach Punch is now ready to be enjoyed. Pour it into the prepared glasses, and savour the delightful combination of whisky, tea, lemon, and peach. This punch offers a perfect balance of sweet, sour, and whisky-infused sophistication, making it a crowd-pleasing favourite for any occasion.

This punch is a testament to the versatility of whisky in cocktails, proving that it can be the life of the party in a refreshing and well-balanced punch. Whether enjoyed on a sunny afternoon or at a festive gathering, the Xplore Whisky Peach Punch is sure to be a hit. Cheers to exploring new horizons in whisky-based mixology!