Xplore Old Fashioned

How To Make an Old Fashioned Using Xplore Whisky?

The Grains Old Fashioned pulls you into a world of rich flavour, where the alluring Coastal Stone: Xplore Whisky takes center stage. This tantalising twist on the classic Old Fashioned weaves together the velvety richness of whisky with the sultry sweetness of pale ale syrup, all harmonised by the sultry notes of Angostura bitters. Here's how to craft this sensuously flavourful cocktail.



  • 60 ml Coastal Stone: Xplore Whisky
  • 7ml Pale Ale syrup (or 10ml Sugar syrup)
  • 3 dash Angostura bitter

Garnish: Orange twist


1. Prepare a Mixing Glass:
Begin by setting up a mixing glass. This specialized tool allows for precise stirring and ensures proper blending of the ingredients.

2. Combine the Ingredients:
Pour 60 ml of Coastal Stone: Xplore Whisky into the mixing glass. Follow this with 7 ml of pale ale syrup (or 10 ml of sugar syrup) to add a unique depth of flavor. Lastly, add 3 dashes of Angostura bitters to provide complexity and balance.

3. Add Ice and Stir:
Fill the mixing glass with ice and gently stir the mixture until it's well-chilled and properly diluted. Stirring is a crucial step in achieving the desired texture and temperature for the cocktail.

4. Prepare a Rock Glass:
While you're stirring, take a rock glass and add ice to it. This ensures your Grains Old Fashioned is served cold.

5. Strain into the Rock Glass:
Using a strainer, carefully pour the stirred mixture from the mixing glass into the rock glass over the fresh ice. This method ensures a smooth and visually appealing presentation.

6. Garnish with an Orange Twist:
To complete the cocktail, garnish it with a twist of orange peel. Express the oils from the orange peel by giving it a gentle twist over the glass, then place it in the drink.

7. Serve and Enjoy:
Your Grains Old Fashioned is now ready to be savored. This cocktail is a testament to the art of mixing spirits, balancing sweetness, and incorporating unique elements like pale ale syrup to create a nuanced and robust cocktail.

The Grains Old Fashioned is a delightful journey of flavours, where the character of Coastal Stone: Xplore Whisky shines through, and is elevated by the pale ale syrup creating an intriguing twist to the classic Old Fashioned cocktail. Sip slowly and appreciate the