Manly Spirits Co. NEW ready to drink range of Gin and Tonics launched at the beginning of the year just before COVID but has now turned into a roaring success. With Coles group nationally and Dan Murphy/BWS NSW all stocking the premium RTD range and independents stating that they have experienced the quickest growth from these sku’s.

The Gin & Tonics are the first ready-to-drink options from Manly Spirits Co. who have established themselves in the market over the last 4 years as one of the strongest performing craft spirits brands with their range of Gins and Liqueurs.

“We couldn’t be more pleased with the fantastic consumer response to these premium craft Gin & Tonics. Together with the push to support LOCAL Australian manufactured spirits by trade, this has resulted in extended ranging by independents and the majors and it’s not even peak season for RTD”, said Co-founder David Whittaker.

“We took a huge risk in packaging our products in bespoke miniature versions of our 700ml gin glass bottles bucking the trend of using cans. We love that glass is infinitely recyclable and this was a fit with our commitment to sustainability. We also believed the consumer would identify the use of glass as a step up in flavour and quality in this category. Yes, the manufacturing barriers to entry were huge for a craft distillery but we tend to do nothing half-hearted at Manly Spirits Co. We wanted to appeal to the quality drinker end of the market who still wanted the convenience of a ready to drink product that tasted like a REAL gin and tonic just all in one bottle”. From the well-crafted gin and tonic liquid inside the bottles to the packaging…it all say this is an authentic premium Australian product”.

With the trend toward mindful drinking and the health-conscious consumer the Lilly Pilly pink G&T has been crafted with zero sugar, low calories with only one standard drink per bottle. We like to call it the guilt-free G&T! This has been achieved without compromising on flavour by increasing the amount of botanicals used in their recipes. Having designed and manufactured both the gin and the tonic means they have been able to tailor their recipes to deliver what our customers would expect from a craft premium gin mixed with a quality tonic.

Offering two variations: Manly Spirits Gin & Tonic (blue) with a more traditional flavour profile to Lilly Pilly (Pink) Gin with a fruity profile and the benefit of having zero sugar and low calories.

“We were finding that people who enjoyed our premium gins at home were having to compromise when it came to bringing drinks to a barbeque, dinner party or picnics,” says Vanessa Wilton, Co-founder of Manly Spirits. “If you appreciate high quality, craft gin, why should you have to compromise when you are choosing a no-fuss, ready-to-drink option?

June 07, 2023 — Erin Thompson
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