Sustainability at Manly Spirits

Our commitment to sustainable & environmentally conscious practices.

Upcycling & Adaptive Reuse

Upcycled Glasses & Candles

Our signature bespoke bottles don’t have to go to waste with these upcycled Gin & Tonic glasses.  Our 700ml bottles are cut down to be reused as candles and glassware, perfect for cocktails or a G&T.

Refill Program with Juno the Recyle Fish

We encourage people to bring their used bottles back to us to be refilled by Juno, our large custom made Recycle Fish sculpture, and we even give $10 off for this! 

Please note: this is a distillery cellar door exclusive only offer. 

Reducing Waste & Reusing Botanicals

Gin-soaked Raspberries

After we have completed the raspberry infusion which gives our Lilly Pilly Pink Gin that gorgeous pink colour, the raspberries have this incredible gin botanical flavour. 

First, we strain the excess gin and juices from the raspberries to get what we call ‘Lilly Pilly Tails’.  

Then the raspberries, which still have tonnes of flavour in the berry,  get donated to a local baker to be made in Raspberry Gin Jam. 

Vanilla Pods

Local baker, Kiki from Luscious Kiki Cakes, has recently gotten creative with our gin-soaked vanilla pods from our Amber Spiced Gin cascara and vanilla infusion.  She creates a special Chai Tea, Amber Spiced cakes and more.  If you’re a local, be sure to swing by to try some of the creations!

Spent Grain into Cattle Feed

We give the spent barley that we use to make our Single Malt Whisky, to some of our local Aussie farmers for their cows and chickens to enjoy.  They absolutely love it, and the chickens produce eggs that are double the size because of the high-protein content of the spent grain.  

Lemons into Juice

We only use lemon peels for our Zesty Limoncello, and the rest of the lemon gets used by a local juicing company to make fresh lemon juice.

Sourcing Botanicals Sustainably

Sustainable Foraging

When foraging, we don’t want to disrupt the balance of the ecosystem, so we only take what we need and carefully forage sustainably. Eg:

Sea Lettuce is the only legally foragable seaweed in Australia which grows on the rock shelf, and grows in abundance.

Beach Cast Kelp, as Kelp should not be taken from the ocean, Kelp that has washed up on the beach after a big storm is allowed to be foraged.

Sourcing from Sustainable Growers

We are quite selective when it comes to sourcing our botanicals, thoughtfully sourcing many of our Australian native botanicals from Indigenous growers and local farmers around Australia.  

Energy Saving in Production

Heat Exchanger

We’ve put in a heat exchanger to our whisky stills which recycles waste heat, and essentially means we are using significantly less energy to run the stills now. 

Solar Panels

We’ve invested in solar panels, which has saved 32 tonnes of greenhouse gases, that’s CO2 that hasn’t gone out.  We’re now only using 1/3 of the power we used to.