Your Coastal Stone Whisky

Australian Single Malt Whisky

About Coastal Stone Whisky

Coastal Stone Whisky is an expression of the maritime elements and raw nature of the Australian coast, combined with the desire to create a whisky that exceeds expectations. Distilled and matured on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, expertly crafted with a balance of tradition and innovation. A refined spirit that respects our Sydney climate, created from grain to glass with no shortcuts, no strict timelines, just premium ingredients with true artisan skill.    

Rich in complex flavours, each expression tells the story of our distillers’ creativity and experimentation to create exquisite yet approachable whisky. Captured in a contemporary glass bottle, sculptured with the eroded textures of weathered sandstone cliffs that border our coastline. Sealed with a truly unique Sydney Sandstone stopper.

Destined to be enjoyed in the company of good conversation because there’s nothing quite like sharing a fine dram with friends. 

Your Personalised Whisky

A smooth and aromatic Australian single malt whisky with maritime influences from the Sydney coast matured in ex-Pinot casks in 2020.


Cacao and ripe oranges with hints of macadamia and walnut.


A light front palate with a subtly spiced fruit coming forward. These fruits give way to rich, velvety dark chocolate and caramel characters.


A soft, floral, and nutty finish, fading with roasted coffee beans.

Our Process

How we make our Australian single malt whisky

Grain & Milling

Supporting our Aussie farmers all our barley is grown and malted in Australia.Barley contains starch and it is this starch which needs to be converted into soluble sugars to make alcohol. For this to occur, the barley must undergo germination and this first part of the process is called ‘malting’. Quality Australian malted barley is sourced and then milled to a suitable consistency at the distillery.


Malt gristed in a two-roller mill. A combined mash/lauter tun is used to extract malt sugars for fermentation. Two-stage lauter and hot water sparge.

Fermentation - Gentle & Patient

The new make spirit for Coastal Stone Whisky is lovingly produced at the Manly Spirits Distillery from grain to glass. We mash Australian ale malt to extract the malt sugars which are then slowly converted by a blend of yeasts in slow fermentation over 5 days.


Uniquely designed double copper pot still produce the cleanest spirit to start our whisky’s journey one step ahead. Our wash is double distilled in our custom-designed copper pot stills to produce a clean, sweet, and malty new make spirit. The clean qualities are delivered by tall stills with upward-sloping lyne arms and the spirit still onion which add additional reflux and spirit purity. In the final spirit run our distillers take a small foreshot cut and slow the still right down to further enhance the spirit for optimum barrel maturation.


All of our casks are matured close to the NSW coast, picking up marine elements from temperate land and sea breezes.  Our cask maturation spans up to 5 years, with a range of 100L-500L cask sizes. 

Each expression consists of carefully selected casks, with our Element Series showcasing mostly 100-200L first fill casks, and our Nor’easter marrying together a range of 225-500L ex-wine and ex-bourbon casks.

Non-chill filtered

The whisky is non chill filtered and has absolutely no need for added colours due to it rich cask extraction. As the whisky is so rich with flavour congeners it may form a flocculant over time in bottle or go a little hazy when its sitting in your glass dilution against a large block of ice. This is a sign of an artisan craft whisky where flavour is prioritised over appearance. 

Australian Craft Whisky

distillery tour and tasting

Behind the scenes

To dive deeper into the world of whisky, why not join us on our Whisky Distillery Tour. You will be shown how we make our single malt whisky followed by a tasting experience for you to sit, sip and compare with your new-found knowledge.