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Fairy Bower

Rockpool Gin Series

Manly Spirits represents coastal living so what better inspiration than our iconic rockpools. This limited release series of four gins features landmark rockpools in Sydney. First up is the Fairy Bower Gin - citrus forward and oh-so-delicious!

Found along the Australian coastline, these rockpools are truly special places and emblematic of our coastal landscape. While they can be discovered across the country, the majority are located in New South Wales.

The Rockpool Series is a tribute to coastal life, delicately captured in watercolour on our labels by talented local artist, Amber Oswald.
Amber brings to life four iconic rockpools; Fairy Bower, MacCallum Sea Pool, Bronte Baths, & Cronulla Rockpools each with her own unique artistic expression.

Fairy Bower Gin - Rockpool Series

40% ABV • 700ml

Rockpools & gin, the quintessential icons of coastal living. A citrus & lime forward gin inspired by our favourite pastime of relaxing with friends and family around the charming Fairy Bower Pool in Manly, carved out of our coastline. Crafted with Australian botanicals, this gin is a tribute to coastal life delicately captured in watercolour by local artist Amber Oswald.

The alcohol is well-balanced and refreshing, making it an ideal choice for cocktails like the Gin Sour, where it complements other ingredients beautifully. 



Tasting Notes

Appearance: Glistening in appearance with an elegant crystal-clear hue

Nose: Incorporates a sweet lemon /lime fragrance that brings about a gorgeous, pleasant aroma that fully develops into a luscious juniper spice and Riberry hit.

Palate: Smooth and velvety entry, with notes of rainforest lime and Fingerlime. Citrus pulls through before the hit of juniper with coriander seed lightening up your palate with succulent, mouth -watering complexity.

Key Botanicals

Traditional Gin botanicals, with:
Australian Whole Limes
Australian Whole Lemons
Lemon Peel
Finger Lime
Rainforest Lime
Desert Lime
Coriander seed
Angelica Root
Orange Peel
Orris Root


40% ABV
Crafted at Manly Spirits Co Distillery.

​Many of these rock and ocean pools trace their origins back to the 1930's when local councils utilised unemployment relief schemes from the Great Depression era to create employment opportunities and communal pools. Each pool boasts its own distinctive shape and design, contributing to the unique character of its surroundings. Rock pools serve as vital hubs within local communities. They are gathering spots where people come together, teach their children to swim, and enjoy moments of tranquillity while witnessing the sunrise or sunset. They also serve as popular destinations for maintaining physical fitness and well-being.​


In Manly's Cabbage Tree Bay, you'll find the Fairy Bower Pool, a charming gem among Sydney's ocean pools. It's one of the smallest, forming a quaint triangle that starts ankle-deep and gradually reaches a depth of 1.5 meters. In 2016, the pool faced destruction from a storm, but its beloved ceramic sculptures, the Oceanides or Sea Nymphs, crafted by Helen Leete, were lovingly recreated in bronze. Thanks to the dedication of locals and art enthusiasts, who raised $57,000, these iconic sculptures were restored and returned to their rightful place after 15 months.

Collaboration partnership

Artist: Amber Oswald

This series has been created with artist Amber Oswald. She is an illustrator, and calligrapher from the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. Amber specialises in watercolour, ink, and pencil. She particularly loves to bring botanicals, water and animals to life. Amber also has a Bachelor of Art Education from COFA, UNSW and is a qualified teacher. 


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