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Finest Blended Whisky

Finest Blended Australian Whisky

An extraordinary whisky captured in a bespoke 700ml bottle design, carefully crafted for both whisky enthusiasts and those new to the world of whisky exploration.
A light and smooth blended whisky for those who appreciate the subtle flavours of a neat pour. Additionally, expertly blended to excel in the realm of whisky cocktails, allowing enthusiasts to elevate their mixology game to new heights.

  • Blend of multiple Australian grains matured in both ex-Bourbon Amercian Oak & ex-Australian Shiraz barrels
  • Bespoke sculptured glass bottle with eroded textures of Sydney coastline
  • Made from grain to glass in our Northern Beaches distillery

This cocktail bundle comes with
1 x 700ml Xplore Whisky
1 x Cocktail jug
1 x Garnish pack

$79.00 $104.00

Tasting Notes


Tropical fruits, floral honeysuckle, and sweet spice aromatics jump out of the glass


Bold honeyed flavours of butterscotch, marshmallow and molasses, with an essence of juicy red delicious apples.


Rich, long and refreshing back palate of pumpkin spice and caramel.

ABOUT Xplore Whisky
XPLORE the world of whisky and cocktails with this smooth & approachable blended whisky, crafted for ‘mixin’ n ‘sippin’. Distilled from Australian grown grains, crafted on the northern beaches of Sydney, made for flavour.
This remarkable achievement goes beyond the creation of an exceptional whisky; it is a testament to Manly Spirits Co. Distillery's unwavering dedication to sustainability. By utilising barrels already in circulation from the Australian wine industry, they have significantly reduced their carbon footprint and embraced a harmonious synergy between the realms of wine and whisky. The maturation process of Coastal Stone: Xplore in Australian ex-wine and classic ex-Bourbon American oak barrels showcases the best of both worlds, highlighting Australia's expertise in blending and unlocking new dimensions of flavour.

Our Whisky Process

Learn more about how we make our Australian Whisky in our Northern Beaches distillery.

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