Martini Mix

Australian Dry Gin 700ml / 40%abv + Oyster Pearl Vodka 700ml 40%abv

Discover your perfect martini blend using our Oyster Pearl Vodka or our Australian Dry Gin. Whether stirred or shaken, dirty with olives or clean with a twist, our premium spirits allows you to craft a martini tailored to your taste!


Oyster Pearl Martini

60 ml Manly Spirits Oyster Pearl Vodka
5 ml dry vermouth
10 ml olive brine
1 muddled olive
Garnish: green seedless olive


BEST AUSTRALIAN ‘London Dry Style’, World Gin Awards 2020, 2019
Gold (Packaging Design) International Wine and & Spirits Competition UK 2018
Double Gold San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2018
Gold San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2019
PLATINUM SIP Awards 2021