Copper Bell Jigger

An exceptional cocktail starts with the correct measurements.

Cocktail consistency is impossible without the right measuring tools, and this commercial weighted jigger is a perfect example. The Copper Bell Jigger sits snugly between your forefinger and middle finger whilst measuring your chosen spirit. Double sided.

Available in 30/60mL with inner markings for finer measurements.



Measurements and inner markings:

  • 60mL (45ml)
  • 30mL (incremental 25ml, 15mL, 10mL)

Ships in 2–5 business days

PLEASE NOTE: All colour plated items are not dishwasher safe.

Recycle Program

We encourage people to bring their used bottles back to us to be refilled by Juno, our large custom made Recycle Fish sculpture, and we even give $10 off for this! 

Please note: this is a distillery cellar door exclusive only offer.