Coastal Stone Whisky & Dry Ginger

5.3%ABV • 1.4 Standard Drinks

At last, a quality Australian whisky and dry! Coastal Stone Whisky & Dry is a superbly smooth mix of Coastal Stone Xplore Double Grain Whisky and Dry Ginger Ale, perfectly blended into a ready-to-drink can that chills quickly for ultimate refreshment. Enjoy it straight or in a glass with a few ice cubes on a hot day for that extra coolness. Always great to have on hand for those unexpected visitors and easy to bring to events, parties, or any occasion.



4 x 330ml cans

Flavour: Whisky Flavour profile:

Bourbon flavour profile with notes of honey, vanilla, toasted wood, and subtle fruitiness.  

Created from Coastal Stone Xplore Double Grain whisky. 

Crafted with our Award-winning Australian Whisky

Xplore Double Grain Whisky
Blend of multiple Australian grains matured in both ex-Bourbon American Oak & ex-Australian Shiraz barrels.

The perfect pairing

The smoothness of Coastal Stone Xplore whisky perfectly balanced with fizzy goodness.