Barrel Aged Gin

Whisky Cask 04
700ml / 45%

What was once transparent, is now more complex thanks to the ageing process of Oak barrels. Two barrels, one an ex-Bourbon from Kentucky, the other an ex Tasmanian single malt Whisky have found a new life maturing our award-winning Australian Dry Gin.

Marrying the complex botanical recipe of our marine-inspired gin with the character and maturity of oak barrels. Finished with a splash of Manly Spirits 6-month maturing whisky (bourbon cask), this barrel-aged spirit brings the best of both worlds together in a SMOOTH, versatile spirit. Perfect as a sipping gin, with tonic or in a rich smokey cocktail.


Tasting Notes

Appearance: Bright & golden.

Nose: Light vanilla and oak delicate pine and pepperiness at the end.

Palate: Initial orange sweetness. Dried fruit mid-palate. Dry, light oak finish.

Key Botanicals

Oak + Juniper, Angelica, Orris, Coriander Seed, Cardamom, Anise Myrtle, Orange Peel, Finger Lime, Sea Lettuce, Mountain Pepper Leaf.


700ml Bottle Size | 45% Alc/Vol

Product of Sydney, Australia


A cross between a gin and whisky, this Barrel-Aged Gin adds depth to your cocktails and makes a lovely sipper.


Best Australian Matured Gin

We’re incredibly proud of our Barrel Aged Gin, winning Best Australian Matured Gin at the World Gin Awards for 2020.

SILVER (Barrel Aged Gin) San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2018
SILVER International Wine & Spirits Competition 2018
BEST Matured Gin World Gin Awards 2020
BRONZE Best In Glass GinNation Consumer Gin 2020
BRONZE Matured Gin World Gin Awards 2021

Other Info About Barrel Aged Gin

How is your Barrel Aged Gin a cross between a gin and a whisky?

After the whisky is created with our signature native botanicals, it’s placed into a sherry cask (traditionally used for ageing whisky). Here, it takes on a variety of whisky characteristics and flavours, allowing its subtleties to fully develop. 

Finally, our unique Manly Spirits whisky is added during the bottling process, incorporating its own distinct flavours and enhancing the overall drinking experience.


How do you recommend serving?

If you’re an avowed gin lover who revels in the world of complex botanicals and golden tasting notes, our Barrel Aged Gin can be enjoyed under the hot summer sun, sipping on a small measure over ice. Those who are less accustomed to our Australian matured gin’s rich, smooth and refreshing flavours will enjoy it when mixed with ice-cold tonic and garnished with thyme and lemon. 

Alternatively, add a dash into a rich and smoky cocktail that’s infused with muddled bitters, herbs and spices like sage, rosemary and cinnamon. Whether you create an Oaked White Negroni, an Oaked Martinez or a Beach Buck, add another layer of flavour and complement the dried fruit that hits your mid-palate during tasting by garnishing your cocktail with a maraschino cherry or a zesty orange peel. 


What is the distilling process?

Our gin is carefully distilled with marine and native Australian botanicals, including sea lettuce, cardamom, juniper berries, mountain pepper leaf, anise myrtle, orange peel, and lemon myrtle. It’s a blend of traditional and modern flavours, drawing on the finest ingredients to create an artisanal spirit that will tantalise your tastebuds. We use a one distillation run method called ‘one shot’, which ensures we craft a perfectly balanced blend between our botanicals and neutral grain spirit. 

After the distillation process, the resulting gin is stored in a sherry cask for 20 months in a manner akin to whisky — this allows it to adopt the flavours of the barrel and mature further during this period. We work tirelessly to balance the botanical profiles with the new range of flavours introduced by the barrel during this period. 

We also add a dash of our Manly Spirits whisky during the bottling process to enhance the overall flavour profile.

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