Lilly Pilly Pink Gin


Lilly Pilly Pink Gin is crafted using the vibrant & succulent summer berries of the Australian native Lilly Pilly and rambling edible pink flowers found tucked in the coastal dunes of the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. This fruity pink gin with its all natural raspberry infused pink hue has been handcrafted for pure tastebud delight. The zero-sugar pink recipe allows for a balanced gin that isn’t overly sweet, making it the perfect base for a summer cocktail.

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40% abv


A classic gin foundation with soft red berry notes from Lilly Pilly and Raspberry, complemented with citrus from native limes and blood orange. A refreshing fruity finish served well with a splashing of tonic, garnished with raspberry, pink grapefruit slice and edible flowers.

Twelve botanicals including Lilly Pilly, Riberry, Native Limes, Raspberry, Blood Orange, Coriander, Angelica, Orris, Juniper, Rosella, Sea Fig  and Nasturtium.

700ml Bottle Size. 40% Alc/Vol
Product of Sydney, Australia
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The pink colour in our Lilly Pilly Pink Gin is derived from an 18-hour infusion of fresh raspberries. The naturally red berries give our pink gin with no sugar a delightful hue while also creating a balanced and fruity flavour profile. 

You can absolutely drink our Lilly Pilly Pink Gin on its own. Many people enjoy it neat, as even though it’s a pink gin with no sugar, it still has more natural sweetness than other gins, like dry or navy gins. You might also enjoy it with tonic water or some ice cubes to help take the edge off the heat on a warm day. Additionally, it’s also an excellent base for a cocktail — that’s why we’ve provided a few suggested recipes below for you to sample. 

Pink Gin is made in a very similar fashion to other styles of gin. The process begins with a neutral grain spirit, which is then infused with a variety of natural botanicals and juniper berries. The resulting concoction is then distilled a number of times and then bottled. The resulting liquid is usually clear. However, for our Lilly Pilly Pink Gin, raspberries are infused into the blend after the distilling process and before bottling, helping enhance the pink colour and lending a hint of sweet and tart flavour. 

Lilly Pilly Pink Gin is our specialty pink gin with no sugar — and best of all, it’s also vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free! Although it’s originally made with a grain spirit, the distilling process removes the gluten, making it a safe option even if you’ve got a gluten intolerance. You can buy our pink gin online in our store and enjoy your next shindig with a delicious drink that’s also suitable for your specific dietary requirements. 


Gold all round!

Within only a few months of being released, our Lilly Pilly Pink Gin won two Gold medals as a contemporary Australian Gin.

GOLD San Francisco World Spirits Awards 2020

GOLD World Gin Awards 2020

the inspiration

Lilly Pilly Pink Gin was inspired by the native Australian Lilly Pilly berries and rambling pink flowers found tucked in the sand dunes of the Northern Beaches.

Lilly pilly sour

12 Botanicals

Distilled with edible coastal flowers & native berries

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