Pinot Cask Whisky

Expression No. 3 | Element Series

A full-bodied and complex Australian Single Malt Whisky, matured in ex-Pinot casks filled in our first year of distilling. 

*Option to add the Whisky Collector’s Gift Box with leather fastening straps and engraved coasters. 



46% alc/vol

Only one batch available.

500ml Bottle Size. 46% Alc/Vol

Product of Sydney, Australia.

Tasting Notes


Cacao and ripe oranges with hints of macadamia and walnut.


A light front palate with a subtly soaked brandy apple coming forward. These sweet fruits give way to rich, velvety dark chocolate and toffee characters.


A soft, floral, and nutty finish, fading with roasted coffee beans.

About the expression

First fill Tasmanian Pinot Noir casks with a medium toast have given incredible complexity to this whisky. Tasmanian coopers have broken these casks down into 100L format to bring a depth of flavour and exceptional balance between Pinot, oak, spirit & the elements.

All casks were ‘first fill’ having never held whisky, only Pinot previously, providing an amazing catalogue of flavour.

We mature and store our Coastal Stone Whisky on the coast until we feel it’s flavour is perfectly balanced.

The result is a refined & complex flavoured whisky which speaks of its Australian heritage & gives a hint of what is to come in future expressions of Manly Spirits Coastal Stone whisky.

Whisky Collector's Gift Box


Gifting Coastal Stone to someone special? Designed to keep your Coastal Stone Whisky safe for years to come, our special edition gift boxes add the perfect touch.  With leather fastening straps, enviro bamboo wood base and two quality wooden coasters. 

The Element Series


NO. 1

Sherry Cask

Release date: October 2021

NO. 2

Bourbon Cask

Release date: Jan 2022

NO. 3

Pinot Cask

Release date: April 2022

NO. 4

Shiraz Cask

Release date: April 2022

NO. 5

Port Cask

Release date: April 2022

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'Element Series' Set

Order the complete ‘Element Series’ set.  Secure all 5 expressions of the first batches of; Sherry cask, Pinot cask, Bourbon cask, Shiraz cask & Port cask. 
PLUS receive an extra 500ml tasting bottle of Bourbon cask whisky, and a Whisky Collector’s Gift Box. 

Our Whisky Process

Learn more about how we make our Australian Single Malt Whisky in our Northern Beaches distillery.

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