Botanical Name:

Ulva lactuca

Flavour Profile:

There is something about seaweed as an ingredient that catches our imaginations. It creates stunning garnishes, intriguing textures and unique sensations that have seen it carve out its own flavour profile in the Asian kitchen.

Like so many exotic foods before it, seaweed is making the journey across worlds to change the way we think about flavour in the kitchen.The sea lettuces comprise the genus Ulva, a group of edible green algae that is widely distributed along the coasts of the world’s oceans.

Sea lettuce is the “salad greens” of the sea vegetables. It is a leafy, vibrant dark green, with a distinctive flavor and aroma. This sea vegetable is good raw, but tends to have a slightly bitter taste when cooked, unless added to other ingredients.

June 05, 2023
Tags: Botanicals