5 Ways To Enjoy Gin

Gin is a fantastic all-rounder drink; it’s a versatile beverage that’s perfect for drinking on its own, with a mixer or as part of a refreshing, citrusy cocktail. And one of the keys to truly appreciating gin is experiencing it in a variety of different forms and settings. People often ask whether they’re enjoying gin the right way — but the truth is that there is no one right approach to what to drink with gin. It’s whatever works for you. At Manly Spirits, we’re keen advocates of trying things you love in different ways. It never hurts to keep it fresh and experiment a little; we know you’ll find something in our range that you’ll love!

  1. Gin cocktail night

Since there are so many different ways to experience gin, why not hold a cocktail night to celebrate its great range of flavours? But what do you mix with gin, you might ask? Gin is an easy — and perhaps more importantly for aspiring mixologists — forgiving drink when it comes to cocktails. From the simple, like a Gimlet, through to more complex concoctions such as Lilly Pilly Sour or the Pink Gin Sling, it’s an excellent opportunity to experiment with different flavours and discover what sort of styles appeal to you most. We’d suggest having a few different bottles of gin at the ready, to provide the opportunity for experimentation.

  1. With a seafood meal

The citrusy and herbal undertones of our Coastal Citrus Gin make it the perfect choice to complement a delicious seafood dinner.  Gin can be a perfect palate cleanser after sushi or sashimi, while its herbal tones can effectively complement oysters and steamed mussels. Spicy, marinated prawns will also pair well with the subtle flavours that lie within the gin. With a Pear & Elderflower Gimlet or Beach Buck at the ready, you’ll have a delicious meal ahead of you.

  1. Charcuterie and cheese board picnic

A gin at a warm afternoon picnic can be one of the most refreshing beverages imaginable. The citrusy and peppery notes of Australian Dry Gin make the perfect complement to the savoury flavours of a charcuterie board or cheese board — or perhaps both if you’re feeling particularly extravagant. So why not try a Manly Vesper or Oaked Martinez at your next soiree?

  1. Pink gin

Pink gin has re-emerged as a very popular way to drink gin. Originally developed by the English Navy, the traditional way to drink pink gin is via mixing a small amount of Angostura Bitters with the gin of your choice, which lends the resulting concoction a pinkish hue. While this mix is delicious in its own right, pink gin has subsequently developed into its own style in the intervening years. Today, it’s generally infused with red fruits and bottles to create the distinctive hue.  Delicious and refreshing, it’s the ideal way to sample gin if you’ve not previously had the pleasure.

  1. The perfect G&T

The classics are classics for a reason. It doesn’t get much simpler than the perfect G&T — all you need is 60ml of Australian Dry Gin, Indian Tonic Water, along with some orange slices and basil for garnish.

  1. Place gin and tonic water into a Copa glass
  2. Add ice
  3. Top with premium tonic, then stir & garnish
  4. Enjoy!

Discover more about how to drink gin with Manly Spirits

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May 09, 2023
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