Oaked Martinez

How To Make Martinez Cocktail?

The Oaked Martinez is a sophisticated and rich cocktail that combines the depth of Manly Spirits Barrel Aged Gin, the sweet complexity of Mancino Vermouth Rosso, and the herbal notes of Dom Benedictine. Enhanced with the nuanced flavours of barrel spiced bitters and a hint of citrus from orange bitters, this cocktail is a true expression of craftsmanship. Here's how to create this luxurious cocktail:


  • 50 ml Manly Spirits Barrel Aged Gin (Whisky Cask 02)
  • 25 ml Mancino Vermouth Rosso
  • 5 ml Dom Benedictine
  • Dash of Barrel Spiced Bitters
  • Dash of Orange Bitters
  • Mixing Glass
  • Ice
  • Chilled Coupe Glass
  • Orange Twist


1. Prepare the Mixing Glass:
Begin by setting up your mixing glass. This specialised tool allows for gentle stirring, which is essential to achieve the desired texture and clarity for this cocktail.

2. Add the Ingredients:
Pour 50 ml of Manly Spirits Barrel Aged Gin, 25 ml of Mancino Vermouth Rosso, and 5 ml of Dom Benedictine into the mixing glass. These ingredients form the core of the cocktail and provide a complex and flavourful base.

3. Enhance with Bitters:
Add a dash of Barrel Spiced Bitters and a dash of Orange Bitters to the mixture. These bitters introduce additional layers of complexity and aroma to the cocktail, enhancing its overall character.

4. Stir with Precision:
Add ice to the mixing glass and stir the ingredients with precision for approximately 2 minutes. The extended stirring time ensures that the cocktail reaches the ideal temperature and consistency.

5. Prepare the Coupe Glass:
While you're stirring, prepare a coupe glass by chilling it. You can place it in the freezer briefly before serving.

6. Strain into the Chilled Coupe:
Using a strainer, carefully pour the stirred mixture from the mixing glass into the chilled coupe glass. This straining process ensures a smooth and visually appealing presentation.

7. Garnish with an Orange Twist:
For a final touch of elegance, garnish your Oaked Martinez with a twist of orange peel. The citrus oils released from the twist add a fragrant and refreshing element to each sip.

8. Serve and Enjoy:
Your Oaked Martinez is now ready to be savoured. This cocktail is a masterpiece of mixology, offering a symphony of flavours that balance the richness of barrel-aged gin with the sweetness of vermouth and the herbal complexity of Dom Benedictine. Sip slowly, appreciating the layers of aroma and taste.

The Oaked Martinez is a luxurious and contemplative cocktail, perfect for those who appreciate the artistry of cocktails and the fusion of unique ingredients. Cheers to the Oaked Martinez!