Lunch with The Optimistic Artist, Monique Storey - Thursday 26th October, Lunch

Join us for “Resilient Strokes: A Tale of Artistic Triumph” an extraordinary afternoon blending art, technology and creative entrepreneurship. Renowned local artist and host of The Optimistic Artist, Monique Storey will share her inspiring journey from struggling creative to sought after artist, successful business owner and podcast host.

Introducing Monique Storey, a visionary local artist, mother, creative entrepreneur, and host of The Optimistic Artist Podcast. With an unwavering passion for empowering creatives, Monique has forged a remarkable path in the art world both with her cutting edge, interactive artwork and through the work she does to inspire creative entrepreneurs.

The artworks created by Monique are cherished as family heirlooms, each piece carrying profound meanings. Be prepared to be blown away as you experience the interactive element of her work. Each artwork stands on its own, but comes alive when viewed through a smartphone. Starry nights, moving water and shadows swimming across the canvas bring a never-before-seen level of interactivity.

As a guest speaker she shares her compelling narrative, inspiring others to connect with their own creativity and encouraging them to pursue their dreams fearlessly. Her story exemplifies the triumph of passion and perseverance, instilling hope and empowering individuals to overcome obstacles on their own creative journeys.

With a Manly Spirits cocktail on arrival, you will get a chance to see her artwork and even experience the interactive element where paintings come alive through your smartphone. Indulge in a two-course lunch, engage in conversations with art enthusiasts, and be captivated by the power of her story.

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You can connect with and discover more about Monique here.

August 31, 2023