Rainforest Lime

4 pack of 275ml bottles / 4%

A guilt-free Vodka Soda with punchy native rainforest & finger limes, lengthened with sparkling soda.  Ready to enjoy at your next picnic or bbq and share with your mates.

Serve Suggestions

Enjoy chilled straight from the bespoke glass bottle or pour over ice & add a slice of lime to garnish (or real-life finger lime if you’re feeling fancy!)

Key Botanicals

Carbonated water, Manly Spirits Native Lime Vodka (10%), Monk Fruit Juice, Erythritol, Citric Acid, Natural Flavour & Colour, Preservative E211


4% alc / vol

  • Carton: 275ml Bottles x 4 x 6 or 275ml x 4 x 4
  • Standard Drinks: 1 per bottle, for mindful drinking.  
  • Open: Twist top, for convenience.
  • Ships in 2–5 business days

4 packs available for purchase at our cellar door – $25

Product of Sydney, Australia

Ready to drink

A zesty Vodka Soda with No Sugar and Low Calories for guilt-free sipping.

We traded our thongs for rainforest boots to hunt down Australia's weirdest and most wonderful native limes to give this vodka soda the punchy lime kick it deserves. And these rainforest & finger limes don’t disappoint! A delicious concoction of our Northern Beaches distilled vodka paired with (you guessed it!) native limes, a light sprinkle of fresh mint and lengthened with sparkling soda that just hits the spot on a warm summer’s day. We could go on… let your tastebuds be the judge.

Enjoy chilled straight from the bespoke glass bottle or pour over ice & add a slice of lime to garnish (or real-life finger lime if you're feeling fancy!).

Experience ‘Nature in a Bottle’ with just one sip…

Other Info About Rainforest Lime

How much Vodka is in a Rainforest Lime premix?

For mindful sipping, our Australian-made Rainforest Lime Vodka Soda premix pack contains 4% ABV — 0.9 standard drinks per bottle. It’s available in a pack of four, perfect for sharing a beverage or two with your mates while sitting by the beach or enjoying a low-key picnic. 

Our pre-mixed drinks were created with the health-conscious consumer in mind. They have no sugar and are low in calories, so you can sip our fresh and fruity beverages with a guilt-free conscience. It’s a much healthier alternative to other pre-mixed drinks that can be loaded with sugar and carbohydrates.

Recommended Serving

Our premium vodka has a smooth finish making it an ideal base for a range of our delectable summer beverages. Our Rainforest Lime Vodka Soda premixes can be served straight from the bespoke bottle, or poured over ice with an added sprig of mint to garnish.

Who should consider purchasing?

If you prefer to enjoy a deliciously fruity mixed drink whilst being conscious of calories, you’ll love our Rainforest Lime Vodka Soda premix drinks. Whether you sip them from the bottle, pour them over ice or add the liquid to a summer cocktail, you’ll enjoy the abundance of delectable flavours that swiftly wash over your palate. Made from wholesome, high-quality ingredients, you can trust that when you buy o ur premixed drinks online, they won’t disappoint.