Best vodkas for cosmopolitans and beyond

VODKA IS A classic spirit, well deserving of a spot on any discerning bar cart. It’s a central component in many a signature cocktail: Martinis, Moscow Mules, Bloody Marys, Espresso Martinis, and of course, Carrie Bradshaw’s favourite — the Cosmopolitan.

But not all vodkas are created equally, as anyone who’s experienced the torture of a cheap vodka-lime-soda on a night out as a fresh 18-year-old would know. So below, we’ve rounded up the best vodka and vodka premix drinks for you to keep your liquor cabinet primed with.



MANLY SPIRITS Grape and Grain Vodka 700ml

Vintage Cellars


Another great spirit coming out of our own country, Manly Spirits Grape and Grain Vodka is distilled, bottled and labelled by hand from an artisan distillery on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. As the name implies, it’s made from grape and three grains — barley, wheat and rye — and has a faint minerality to it with green spice and fennel notes for a subtle complexity with a classic vodka allure.



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February 09, 2024