The Element Series is Coastal Stone’s first release from the distillery, after 4+ years since Manly Spirits Co. began producing Single Malt Whisky in their Northern Beaches distillery in Sydney.   

With multiple international awards under their belt from their gins, vodkas, liqueurs and premixed drinks, the team at Manly Spirits Co. are keen to share their ‘darker’ side.  “Many will know from our white spirits that we work hard with the team to consistently create artisan spirits that tell the story of quality Australian ingredients and unique, yet balanced flavours,” Says David Whittaker, Co-owner and Master Distiller of Manly Spirits Co.  “What people may not know is that behind the scenes of distilling spirits for almost 5 years, we’ve been making our Single Malt Whisky from grain to glass – experimenting, refining, and crafting our whisky to achieve that same consistent and premium standard of our white spirits.” 

Drawing from a wealth of knowledge of whisky production, combined with a team of passionate brewers and distillers, and custom equipment designed to create an exceptional new make spirit, the result showcases an honest story of dedication and a true Australian made whisky.   

The inaugural series consists of five unique and distinct whisky styles from five different casks; Sherry, Bourbon, Pinot, Port & Shiraz. 

“We wanted our Element Series to be almost like a sneak preview into what people can expect from the Coastal Stone range of whisky in future,” Says David.  “And while 4 out of 5 of the expressions celebrate the Australian wine industry by using ex-fortified casks from Australian wineries, our ex-Bourbon cask expressions are something we’re particularly excited about, and definitely something you can expect to see more of in the coming years.” 

June 08, 2023
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