We're all about embracing that ocean vibe, starting our days with a refreshing dip in a rockpool (or just chilling with a coffee while we soak up the view). And you know what? That vibe sparked something awesome – our Rockpool Series Gins!
Picture this: stunning rockpools carved into Sydney's sandstone shores (back when you could actually do that – thank goodness for the good ol' days!). We thought, why not capture that beauty in a unique delicious bottle of gin?
So, we crafted four bespoke gins, each inspired by four iconic Sydney rockpools. Delicately crafted gin with our signature Australian botanicals designed to be used in a specific signature gin cocktail. 
And hey, we didn't stop there! We teamed up with the talented artist, Amber Oswald, to bring those coastal vibes to life on our labels.
First up in our limited release lineup is the Fairy Bower Gin – citrus-forward and oh-so-delicious.
Second to be released is the Bronte Baths Gin - crisp Juniper with hints of fresh cucumber.
The two remaining bottles from the Rockpool Series are to be release in the following months. 
So, grab a bottle from our cellar door, mix up your favourite cocktail, and let's raise a toast to the coastal life – one sip of Rockpool Series Gin at a time! 
June 04, 2024