Oyster Pearl Martini


  • 60 ml Manly Spirits - Oyster Pearl Vodka
  • 5 ml dry vermouth
  • 10 ml olive brine
  • 1 muddled olive
  • Garnish: green seedless olive


  1. Begin with a chilled martini glass
  2. In a mixing glass, add 60 ml of Oyster Pearl Vodka
  3. Follow with 5 ml of dry vermouth
  4. Add 10 ml of olive brine
  5. Muddle one olive gently in the mixing glass to release its savoury essence and carefully strain it into the martini glass.
  6. Stir your concoction with ice until it's perfectly chilled and beautifully blended.
  7. Garnish your masterpiece with a green seedless olive, an exquisite touch that echoes the sophistication of your Oyster Pearl Martini.
October 26, 2023
Tags: Vodka