A dedicated celebration of that zesty, salt-rimmed goodness that's on everyone 'good time' drinks list. 
Take the hard work out of shaking up a top-notch Margarita with this Margarita Cello party pack....


Key Botanical

Lemon Aspen, Lemon Myrtle, Rainforest Lime and Australian Grown Citrus


700ml Bottle Size | 24% Alc/Vol

1 x Cocktail Jug
1 x Dehydrated Limes

Product of Sydney, Australia

Margarita cello

Margies made easy packed full of flavour with only the freshest and natural ingredients used.

Save buying triple sec and expensive limes by using this easy Margarita Cello alternative instead. Made from 100% Australian citrus fruits - a blend of lime, lemon, orange blended with native botanicals. The citrus zip that you love in a ‘real’ margie will last until the very last drop!

The process of making Margarita Cello involves using the whole lime from zest and flesh, through to fresh juice. We steep lime, lemon and orange zest for a month, releasing the beautiful flavour profiles of the citrus fruits. We then combine that with the native botanicals of Lemon Aspen and Lemon Myrtle, and fresh lime juice to create the balance of crisp zesty citrus and a sweet sherbet mouth feel.


Serving Suggestion

Margarita Cello is easy for the home mixologist to make cocktails that are ‘bartender quality’. Serve as a classic margarita or blend with your favourite soda or lemonade.

Delicious Margarita Cello cocktails to try at home

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