coastal stone whisky


Custom Whisky

45% ABV I 500ml

A smooth and aromatic Australian single malt whisky with maritime influences from the Sydney coast. An exceptional whisky full of rich dark fruits and five spice, with a long elegant finish.

About the Expression


A special someone deserves a gift to match. A bottle of outrageously delicious, Australian Single Malt whisky, with their very own name on the bottle. Fruit-forward and smooth, Personalise Your Own Red Wine Barrel Matured Single Malt Whisky is rich with notes of red fruits, toasted oak and mocha. Perfect as a neat sipper or in a (new) old fashioned. It's their whisky to enjoy their way.


Notes of stone fruits (white peach, apricot, nectarine), golden apple Asian pears, floral (spring flowers), rich chocolate, a mild hint of vanilla & honey.


Creamy texture almost custard apple or strudel, panna cotta roundness, pear notes, chocolate, and 5 spice present on the back palate.

Light/medium bodied up front, nutty/chocolate, opens up in the mid to dried stone fruits, fine subtle tannins from French and American oak, preceding a long, rich, smooth, clean finish.


The art of creating a balanced and complex whisky is achieved by marrying both different barrel types and full-size format casks, ranging from 225-500L along with different maturation ages.

Like a well-conducted symphony orchestra, each component plays an integral part in the art of whisky making and the final delicious liquid.