Pink Gin & Tonic

No Sugar, Low Calories, All the Flavour

A guilt-free Gin & Tonic with no sugar and low calories, this ready-to-drink Pink G&T is made with our Manly Spirits Lilly Pilly Pink Gin.  


Carton of 275ml bottles

4% alc/vol


BEST Bottle Design & GOLD, and SILVER ‘New Launch’ – World Premix Awards 2021

Enjoy chilled straight from the bottle or poured over a glass of ice with juniper and grapefruit to garnish.

Carbonated water, Manly Spirits Lilly Pilly Pink Gin (15%), Monk Fruit Juice, Erythritol, Citric Acid, Natural Flavour & Colour, Preservative E211, Natural Quinine 


Carton: 275ml Bottles x 4 x 6 or 275ml x 4 x 4

Standard Drinks: 0.9 per bottle, for mindful drinking.  

Open: Twist top, for convenience.

4 packs available for purchase at our cellar door – $25

If you’re wondering what tonic to have with pink gin or how to make a pink gin and tonic cocktail — we’ve taken the hard work out of it for you with a ready to drink product. We suggest enjoying our pink gin and tonic chilled from the bottle or pour over ice and serve with a garnish of juniper and a wedge of fresh grapefruit.

In order to produce a round and lingering finish, our ready to drink pink gin and tonic

premix features notes of bright, fresh citrus, alongside gentle peppery notes and a touch of sweetness. It’s an ideal way to experience gin for the first time if you haven’t previously entered this world of flavour. It is also full of complex subtleties for the more experienced gin enthusiast, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

At Manly Spirits Co., to craft our ready to drink pink gin and tonic, we draw inspiration from Australian native and marine botanicals, including Lilly Pilly, Riberry, Native Limes, raspberry, Rosella, blood orange, sea fig and nasturtium flowers. As with any gin, juniper berries are also included to add their own subtle flavour to the blend.

Our range of pink gin and tonic ready to drink products have been created using our beautiful Holstein copper still that sits within our distillery on the stunning Northern Beaches of Sydney. By producing local gin, we can experiment, incorporating unique and interesting ingredients inspired by our beautiful natural surroundings.

Yes! Although we use neutral grain spirit as the base for our gin, the distillation process filters out any gluten. No animal products are contained in our pink gin and tonic either. At Manly Spirits Co. we have also perfected our ready to drink pink gin and tonic range to contain low calories and zero added sugar.

guilt-free sipping

A fruity pink Gin & Tonic with No Sugar and Low Calories for guilt-free sipping.

Manly Spirits Pink Gin & Tonic taste like a real G&T, because you shouldn't have to compromise on quality when it comes to bringing drinks to a barbecue or dinner party. With vibrant & succulent summer berries of the native Lilly Pilly & foraged edible pink flowers found tucked in the coastal dunes of the Northern Beaches.

Enjoy chilled straight from the bottle or poured over a glass of ice with juniper and grapefruit to garnish.

Experience ‘Nature in a Bottle’ with just one sip…