Gintonica’s ‘Australian Gin’ Book


In Australian Gin, David Box and contributors including Jon Lark (KI Spirits), Dave Irwin and Matt Argus (Patient Wolf), Cameron Mackenzie (Four Pillars) and Phillip Jones (The Martini Whisperer) open up the world of Aussie gin. You’ll find detailed information on 80 distilleries that started the current gin craze; the people, the gins, their cellar doors and much more. There is also a list of dozens of newcomers. All for less than a bottle of craft gin.

Australian Gin covers such subjects such as:

What exactly is gin?
The history of Australian gin
Different gin styles
Starting a distillery
The issues distilleries have to face
How to enjoy gin
and more!

It is indeed the book all gin lovers have been waiting for!

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ISBN: 9780648678588
Curator: Gintonica
Dimensions: 300mm × 200mm

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