Element Series - The Set

Pre-order the complete ‘Element Series’ set.  Secure all 5 expressions of our first release whisky; Sherry cask, Pinot cask, Bourbon cask, Shiraz cask & Port cask.  PLUS BONUS Sherry & Bourbon Expression.


The Complete 'Element Series' Set

Limited First Release | Element Series

Secure the first batches of all 5 expressions to be sent to you individually as released by distillery, expected to be completed by June 2022.

You will receive the ‘Sherry Cask’ expression first and be guaranteed all 4 other Batch One expressions without having to go into future ballots.

You will also receive 2 additional 500ml Sherry & Bourbon Cask bottles (later batch numbers) for tasting. December delivery

Coastal Stone’s Sherry Cask Whisky is the first expression of our First Release Single Malt Whisky. Matured by the sea in ex Australian Sherry/Apera casks filled in the first year of distilling.


7 x 500ml

46-58% alc/vol

Pre-order the 'Complete Element Series Set'

First Expression – Sherry Cask

NoseBold, sweet, and aromatic. Cherry, raisins and glace orange slices, dark chocolate, and cinnamon spice. 

PalateSmooth and full bodied. Rich dark fruits and honeyed plum, followed by delicate sweet cherry and vanilla spiced oak. 

 FinishLong, woody, and warm. Raisins, stone fruit, candied peel covered in dark chocolate. 

7 x 500ml Bottle Size. 6 x 46% Alc/Vol, 1 x 58% Alc/Vol Cask Strength

Product of Sydney, Australia.7

Pre-order all 5 expressions;
Sept 2021 – Sherry
Dec 2021- Bourbon + 2 bonus bottles
March 2022 – Pinot
May 2022 – Shiraz, Port


Manly Spirits Co.'s first release of Australian Single Malt Whisky, Distilled on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.


'Coastal Stone Whisky' by Manly Spirits Co. Distillery, is an expression of the maritime element & raw nature of the Australian coast, combined with the desire to create a whisky that exceeds expectations.

A refined spirit that respects our Sydney climate, created from grain to glass with no shortcuts, no strict timelines, just premium ingredients with true artisan skill.

Rich in complex flavours, each expression tells the story of our distillers' creativity & experimentation to create exquisite yet approachable whisky.

Captured in contemporary glass, sculptured with the eroded textures of weathered sandstone cliffs that border our coastline & sealed with a truly unique Sydney sandstone stopper.

Whisky Stills

Our process of making single malt whisky

Malted Barley




batch two

Sherry Cask - Single

The first expression of the ‘Element Series’ is the Sherry cask whisky.   

Our first release Sherry Cask Batch One is now SOLD OUT.  Missed out?  Batch Three is now available.