Gin is Gold: 5 Alternate Uses for Gin

Gin is clear . . . but these 5 tips are pure Gold!

1. Hangover Cure

Gin mixed with tomato juice was actually the hangover remedy of choice in the 1920’s. It settles your stomach along with hydrating benefits and vitamins to help you get back to normal . . . whatever that is.

Photocred: @goodr

2. Aftershave

Instead of reaching for your usual aftershave, a splash of gin on the old Michael Finnegan will tighten the skin while cleaning out any nicks. Better option than a fancy bottle of Penhaligons Juniper Sling!

Photocred: @pinterest

3. DIY Shoe Deodoriser

No one likes stank feet, so spray some gin onto those smelly foot wrappers to kill the odour causing bacteria. Your feet and friends will thank you for it.

Photocred: @free-photo

4. Use As A Mouthwash

Can’t stand the synthetic peppermint flavour of mouthwash? Why not try gin! The alcohol kills off the bacteria that causes devil breath and helps keep your gnashes bacteria free. Don’t forget to brush.

Photocred: @flickr

5. Remove Red Wine Stains

Don’t bother with the white wine, just grab the gin. The higher percentage of alcohol is more effective in shifting the red wine stain. Minds you, if you’d just been drinking gin in the first place, you wouldn’t have the stupid red wine stain.


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