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French 75

Delivers a strong kick

The French 75 cocktail, or the soixante quinze, was originally made with Cognac but in more recent times, it has become popular to use gin. The drink is a combination of gin, lemon juice and simple syrup, shaken with ice and topped with Champagne.

The French 75 is refreshing, light, a little tart and sparkling, a versatile drink to make when entertaining guests. It makes a great brunch cocktail, goes down easily in the afternoon and adds a festive touch as a sparkling drink to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

Named after the French made 75-millimetre guns used during World War I, the French 75 Cocktail was said to have a combination of ingredients that deliver a strong kick as if the imbiber was hit by the powerful gun.



  • 45ml Manly Spirits Australian Dry Gin
  • 15ml fresh lemon juice)
  • 7.5ml fresh lemon juice)
  • champagne or sparkling wine to top

Glassware: champagne flute
Garnish: lemon twist

  • In a cocktail shaker filled with ice add gin, syrup and lemon juice.
  • Shake vigorously and strain into a chilled champagne flute.
  • Top with champagne or sparkling wine and stir gently.
  • Garnish with a lemon twist.