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Barrel Offer

A 20 or 50 litre Oak Cask of your own personal

North Fort Single Malt Whisky

We are delighted to announce the Manly Spirits Whisky Small Cask Program.

Join a growing worldwide gang of savvy whisky connoisseurs in allowing us to lay down a French or American oak cask for you and prepare it for your own consumption and enjoyment.

We are sourcing some quality small casks that have been made by breaking down and re-coopering ex Australian domestic French Oak wine and fortified wine casks and 1st fill American Oak Bourbon barrels.

You get to choose the size and type of cask that suits your preferred whisky flavour profile. We will then fill it with Manly Spirits Distillery new make spirit at 63.5% ABV. It will then remain in the Distillery, exchanging flavours with the cask in Sydney’s coastal conditions until maturity is reached.

You will be invited to the Distillery to be part of this filling process, watching the clear malt spirit flow into the cask where it will remain hidden and protected until it is ready to drink.


The cask size influences the maturation time – 20L casks are expected to mature in 2 years and 50L casks in 3 years. The higher wood/liquid ratio of smaller casks means that the spirit comes into contact with a greater surface area of wood accelerating the Maturation process.

Upon maturation your cask will be decanted, broken down to 47%ABV or Cask Strength (your choice) and bottled under the exclusive “Manly Spirits Distiller’s Small Batch Selection” label.

You purchase your cask outright and we hold it with great care for you at the Distillery, monitoring its progress over time to maturation. Your name will be inscribed on the cask, and you are welcome to make an appointment to come to the Distillery to inspect your cask and encourage it along in its maturation!

Cask Offer, Prices in AUD

Cask Type First Fill

Cask Price


Cask Price


Ex Bourbon $3,850 $8,600
Ex Shiraz $3,750 $8,500
Ex Pinot Noir $3,750 $8,500
Ex Port $4,000 $8,750
Ex Sherry $4,000 $8,750

25-30 x 700ml bottles are expected at maturation from a 20L cask.

60-70 x 700ml bottles are expected at maturation from a 50L cask.

Additional benefits of Small Cask Ownership includes the option to visit the Distillery and see spirit being distilled and if you are here during tasting bar opening times, you receive a 20% discount on drinks and cocktails.

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